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Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Privacy Policy

At present, there are no laws on intellectual property rights, content on the Internet. Which are mainly companies, enterprises and individuals respect each other’s intellectual property rights.

Anyone who writes a website, blogs do not want to be exploited by others. Not only affect the quality and reputation of the blog but also affect the readers.

Copyright Magical Tricks images

In the articles, I will probably use some images on Google. If you use the image you design yourself then contact me to remove the image.

In addition, the images in the article will be his own Screen Capture, the equivalent of copyright created by himself. So, I do not want my images to appear on other websites with the same theme for profit.

Copyright Tricks Magical content

All articles onTricks Magical are compiled by the author himself. There are articles referenced from foreign pages and translated according to the author’s intention in Vietnamese. There are 100% written articles. This is all the effort, wisdom and understanding that the author writes, so all posts on the site are owned by Tricks Magical.

Write source when sharing

If you want to share the article ofTricks Magical, please leave the original article link under each post. As such, the author will agree and be happy. However, you can not copy articles in bulk, affecting the Tricks Magical Blog. If you are going to report DMCA.