VirtualBox – Best free virtual machine creation software


VirtualBox is the best free virtual machine creation software. You can use VirtualBox to install multiple operation systems on one computer.

VirtualBox is available for installation on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Solaris. VirtualBox is a virtualization software platform, so you can install multiple OS. What does this mean? If you install VirtualBox on your computer, you can create many virtual machines to use other operation systems through VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is simpler than VMware. However it is still strong. Special VirtualBox is free.

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Install VirtualBox – Best free virtual machine creation software

VirtualBox installation is very easy. Go to and download the installation according to your operating system. Here I use windows so I will choose windows hosts.

VirtualBox - Best free virtual machine creation software

Open the file and install.

VirtualBox - Best free virtual machine creation software

After installation is complete, you can see the interface of VirtualBox

VirtualBox - Best free virtual machine creation software

Benefits when using virtual machines

Run multiple operating systems at once: VirtualBox’s virtualization technologies can help you run multiple operating systems at the same time and on the same computer. For example, you can use Ubuntu, Windows 7, Mac OS on your Windows 10.

Learn about the operating system: Sometimes you want to learn the operating system, but worry about damaging the device. VirtualBox can solve this problem. You can install it freely without fear of errors and computer crashes.

Saving and exploiting maximum resources on computers: Suppose you need to run 2 operating systems at the same time. You have to buy another computer to run. VirtualBox doesn’t need. This cost savings is not small.

Save time and space: You don’t need to move to two different machines to work, you just need to sit in one place.

Features of VirtualBox – Best free virtual machine creation software

You should install VirtualBox to experience the features. VirtualBox offers many features no less than other virtual machine software (VMware …). VirtualBox is simple, requires less hardware and resources.

Here are some special features:

Compatibility: VirtualBox is compatible on most operating systems running 32 bit and 64 bit. Virtual machines are created with the same functionality as an operating system running on a physical computer.

No virtualization hardware required: Unlike other software virtualization technologies, VirtualBox does not require a computer with hardware virtualization support. So it runs well on older computers or does not support virtualization.

Guest Additions: shared folders, seamless windows, 3D virtualization. VirtualBox Guest Additions is a software package used to install in virtual machines to support increased performance and features for virtual machines. With this Guest Additions package, you can adjust full screen in VirtualBox, adjust screen resolution, speed up 3D graphics … This helps you use virtual machine like real machine: D.

Excellent hardware support: VirtualBox supports:

  • multiprocessing: VirtualBox can handle up to 32 CPUs per virtual machine. No matter how many CPUs your computer has.
  • USB support:¬†you do not need to install any specific drivers on your computer and can still use USB in VirtualBox. You can also connect any type of USB you want without restrictions.
  • Hardware compatibility: supports most devices, including IDE, SCSI and SATA hard drive drivers, virtual network cards and even virtual sound cards.

Snapshots: this is a feature that captures an existing image of a virtual machine. You can restore the current state of the virtual machine to the previous one if the virtual machine fails. This is like creating a ghost and ghost image for Windows. You can take snapshots even when the virtual machine is running.

There are many features that I can’t list them all. Hopefully this article will help you better understand VirtualBox – Best free virtual machine creation software. Look forward to additional contributions to the article.

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