How to change the availability of a collection on Shopify


How to change the availability of a collection on Shopify. When you’ve created a collection, you can totally decide whether to publish or hide it from your active sales channels at sometimes. That’s why you know how to change the availability of a collection would be useful. Here are some easy steps you can take to change the collection’s availability setting.

How to change the availability of a collection

Step 1: Open Collection section

After logging in your Shopify account, look at the left-hand side of the screen, click Products. There are some sections here. Make sure that you choose Collection.

Collection page shopify

Step 2: Choose a collection

You see all your collections here. Click what you want to change the availability. As you can see, I choose MEN.

Select edit collection shopify

Step 3: Change collection availability

n this step, there are three ways we can carry out: The first way we can change the availability is to select Edit collections. There will be lots of sections that you can check or uncheck to meet your requirement. Otherwise, you can also click X beside each you want it to be hidden. Such as I uncheck the Availability- Facebook and Availity – Point of Sale. Then click Save to finish your work.

Uncheck edit collection

The second way is to click Action. For example, I choose to Make collections unavailable. You can choose any section that you want to.

Open actions collection shopify

Finally, click Make collections available/unavailable to complete.

The third way that we can do is click the collection. You will see Sales channels on the left of the screen. Select Manage to change the availability of the collection.

Select manager collection

After checking to show availability or unchecking to show unavailability, tap Done.

Manager collection alert

Then, scrolling down and select Save or else there will be a notification remind you of unsaved changes, you can click Save to save all you’ve done.

Save change edit collection

Summary change the availability of a collection on Shopify

In short, this guide just takes you for a few minutes to change the availability of a collection. I hope you find it useful. If it does, please visit other guides which we write to help you know how to use Shopify better.

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