How to add links to collections on Shopify


How to add links to collections on Shopify. A link references the data (all or part of a document) on a web page that the reader can directly track by clicking. Therefore, that you know how to add links to your collections will make it much more convenient for your customer visit and view them. Also, a drop-down menu in your online store navigation with a link to a collection would be necessary and useful.

Here are some simple steps that will help you have it done:

How to add links to collections

Step 1: Click Navigation

When you login your Shopify account, take a look at your Shopify admin page. Then go to Online Store, click Navigation.

Click navigation collection

Step 2: Choose a menu

You can see all of your menus there. More clearly, I’ve marked by the red rectangle. You will click one of them which you want to add the link to.

Choose a menu collection

Step 3: Click Add menu item

In this step, click Add menu item in the Menu items.

Click add menu item

Step 4: Enter collection name

There will be a small box called Add menu item appears. Type the name of the collection which you think that it will attract your customer’s attention in the Name field.

Enter Collection name

Step 5: Choose a collection

Click to the Link field and there will be a list. Select Collection and choose the one that you intend to add a link for.

Choose a collection Shooify

Step 6: Save add links to collections on Shopify

That you click add means you’ve added a link to one of your collections. Keep going on with another. Don’t forget to select Save menu to save.


In conclusion, above is a detailed guide for you to add links to collections quickly and effectively. I hope that after you know to do that, your customers will get access to your online store more easily and more often.

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